• how to let go of 40 hour work weeks

    lose the box! we have grown up with the box that we have to work at least 40 hours per week, and for most of us those hours have to be monday through friday … why? have you ever tracked what your time is actually spent doing that makes up your 40-hour work week, i did one time (well kinda), and i found that the majority of my time was re-focusing from switching tasks or spending much longer on phone calls than i needed to and of course there was some facebook time in there.  the point is the lack… keep on reading >>

  • rediscover who you are and imagine who you could be

    what does a book about the business of coffee have to with being genetically unemployable?  there seems to come a moment, at least one, in the process of accepting that you’ll never work for another employer again that brings about introspection.  Although i’m not finished reading this book i have found it to be inspiring from an individual viewpoint and as an entrepreneur, there are many business lessons we can learn from business books. obviously i’m currently reading the new book out by howard schultz, ceo of starbucks: onward, at a third of the way through he is really digging… keep on reading >>

  • is indianola too close to home?

      indianola is currently a ghost town in south texas that at one time was a thriving city on the coast just about half the size of houston back in 1875, as i read the story of the downfall of this city it brought me to the relationship of how people can get beat down and never get back up. the downfall of indianola starts back in september of 1875 when the town was struck by a horrible hurricane almost completely destroying the city and killing almost 300 people, they rebuilt and got back to their lives.  in august of… keep on reading >>

  • where to next?

    it looks like it might be time for my next transition, i’ve never experienced anything like the past 6 months.  Burn Out.  i thought it was just a space where people get tired of what they’re doing as a career … it is so much more.  if you haven’t had the pleasure of this journey, i honestly can’t say if you’re lucky or to look forward to it.  not that it is easy, but the process is life altering for sure. i remember a few years ago when it became clear that i would never have another J-O-B, it was… keep on reading >>

  • can you buy an income?

    i’ve started working with an executive coach this year to help me find a new adventure in my career, and one of the first ideas that hit the table was to buy an existing business.  it actually never dawned on me to even check it out, i just always thought of myself as creating something new … but that can take a lot of time. then today entrepreneur magazine posted this article on how the market of businesses for sell is starting to grow again (Business-for-Sale Market Ready to Expand), and how the businesses that have made it through the… keep on reading >>

  • fueling the fire

    i feel so blessed to be asked by a group of women entrepreneurs to come and speak to them in september about being genetically unemployable … the topic is still really new as this blog and the concepts of this term come together.   i met with 2 different people just this weekend that are struggling with what their life means if they continually lose interest in their jobs and feel completely stunted.  the hardest part is most people i listen to in this space talk about figuring out what is wrong with them. first of all, there is nothing wrong with all of… keep on reading >>

  • working or playing, i can’t tell … perfect!

    It hasn’t always been the easiest path, being genetically unemployable, but with creativity and diligence I have created a life where I usually can’t tell the difference between working and playing.  Is your life that way? It can be, not overnight of course and not without a lot of work.  First you have to decide and document what you want that life to look like, maybe even pull together a vision board.  Here is an example:  (my initial goal) work 2-3 days per week be able to work from anywhere be financially independent enjoy the my work, be passionate My description… keep on reading >>

  • lifestyle architecture

    What is most important to you?  For me, it’s freedom … freedom to create, move about the country and learn as much as life has to teach. I have coined the term genetically unemployable™  to give this lifestyle a name; and to be able to help others architect their own lifestyle through my experiences and guidance.  I was told it wasn’t possible, that I was dreaming … luckily I didn’t listen.  And now I want everyone that feels the pull to have a chance at architecting the life of their dreams. Open your eyes and remember what you are passionate… keep on reading >>

  • unemployment has a new face

    in times of difficulty evolution begins, people begin to adapt and change their lives and even the way they think in order to survive.  opportunity didn’t stop knocking, but have you stopped listening? if your unemployed right now take a look around and see what opportunity is waiting for you to apply your skills working for yourself or how you can begin spending your life acheiving your dreams … do you remember what they even were? get out, spend some time in nature searching your soul and believing in yourself.  the world is NOT a cold, hard reality … it’s… keep on reading >>