• The Power of Conversation

    A conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue. That’s why there are so few good conversations: due to scarcity, two intelligent talkers seldom meet.  ~ Truman Capote   conversation has the power to heal, to create solution, develop a relationship and so much more. yet real and meaningful conversation is somewhat difficult to come by these days.  personally i believe it is the result of the fact many people are caught up in the ego and wanting to make a ‘good’ impression that they forego authenticity.  not on purpose usually, it has become innately ingrained in our being – our thought… keep on reading >>

  • if you’ve never been through hell …

    buckle up baby, it’s coming! I’m now completely convinced everyone gets to experience their own period of transformation, also known by many as hell when you’re in the middle of it.  every friend you have and meet will tell you it’s going to be ok, you won’t be here forever … but that isn’t what it feels like.  they mean well. looking back as i finally begin to feel like life is coming back together, i can see the process and just how much the change needed to happen.  i can even see how there was no other way to… keep on reading >>

  • Quitting is SO Underrated!

    You know when you have one of those moments where you are in a small group of people you don’t know and the question comes up “so, what do you do?”  You just freeze up because you don’t want to admit you just quit something … well tonight, almost the entire table had quit everything they had been doing for years! As a group we declared WE WERE QUITTERS!!  And man did it feel fabulous … quitting is another one of those words that has a negative connotation because it tends to mean defeat.  This post is about quitting because… keep on reading >>

  • Your Purpose is the Journey, Not The Destination.

    We all know that we have a unique skill or talent, that’s nothing new or earth shattering … but what we do with them can be. Society shouts every day to be responsible and have a job, I’m asking why that is? Why is the only acceptable form of financial responsibility a job? Why would you spend years, maybe even a lifetime, developing your talents to give them away to an employer? Or to maybe not really use them at all and give your precious life away and secretly wish you were happy.

  • Success is Overrated!

    Achieving success does not always mean something amazing has occurred in a persons life, if fact it usually means the opposite. Michaelangelo says it best: “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark”

  • society’s recipe doesn’t work for everyone

    society has created and sold us all a recipe for success: go to school, go to college, you will get a great J-O-B and then in 30 years you can be free … i call bullshit on this recipe! has this recipe worked for you?   i haven’t met many in my 40+ years on this planet (although there are a few), but i sure have met a ton of people working really hard to make it work.  even the older generation that was able to make this recipe work have found that by the time they get to the… keep on reading >>

  • The Benefit of Questioning Your Dreams

    you tell me to dream and then turn around and tell me I should question the dream … what the hell? yes, that is exactly what i’m suggesting we do!  not because a dream is wrong, or to make you question the act of having dreams but sometimes we get so caught up in shooting for a dream literally that the concept of the dream gets lost in translation.  for instance, I’ve told you the story of leaving houston and heading off to a new frontier … but if I had never questioned my first dream of living in houston… keep on reading >>

  • in the blink of an eye

    gladwell has done it again, i went to the bookstore to buy the millionaire messenger book and blink just caught my eye. in fact it was one of those moments where i knew i was not leaving that bookstore without blink! blink is an extensive look into the psychology of why and how we make snap judgments, and just useful they are (and aren’t).  the case studies are fascinating and eye-opening as to how our life of experiences and social proof can be seen in our snap judgments no matter how hard we try to hide them. does the book… keep on reading >>

  • becoming an expert from your past

    brandon burchard does a great job of sharing his story and outlining a strategy of how just about anyone, given they have the will and stamina, can go from rags to riches by becoming an expert.  i personally fell in to this field of ‘expert’ after about 5 years in the search engine optimization industry and found that i loved to teach and talk on stage.  sometimes we find our path despite ourselves. the millionaire messenger was a fantastic and easy read to help open your eyes to yet another way to either create a career outside of a j-o-b… keep on reading >>